Everything You Need to Know About Hair Oils...

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Oils...

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Oils...

Hair oils have rapidly become our favourite multi-use products, here’s why;

* Argan Oil breathes new life into dry, tangled and flyaway hair by naturally hydrating and enhancing elasticity whilst nourishing hair growth.

* One of the most lightweight oils around, Jojoba adds moisture and gives hair added protection against free radicals and UV rays whilst adding shine and body.

* Pomegranate Oil brings back shine and revitalises damaged hair, whilst moisturising and protecting against colour fade

* Almond oil improves hair lustre and softness, helping it to become smooth, strong and radiant. It also adds shine by smoothing the hair cuticles.

* Oils help regulate sebum production in the scalp much in the same way that face oils do for the skin.  Applying warm oil to your scalp will help fix scalp problems. The warmth allows nutrients to penetrate more deeply, ideal for dandruff and itchy scalps

* For a weightless treatment, massage oil into dry hair and then comb through before washing out. For an extra intensive treatment, tie your hair in a silk headscarf overnight before washing as normal for reawakened hair that radiates shine.

* Oils are amazing multiuse products. You can use as a finishing product on either wet or dry hair to smooth the cuticles and tame flyaways, leaving your hair soft, sleek and shiny.

*Remember – a little hair oil goes a long way so stick to using them where the hair is driest and the natural oils don’t often reach

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  • jilly bland

    Hi, I was in this morning, and I forgot to buy my illuminoil, but this email has only just arrived, saying 25% off until the end of Feb? (email arrived 8th March)? is the date wrong, or the email please? I do need some... many thanks, best Jilly

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