Embracing our grey hair is becoming more and more popular, however there are still many of us that want to keep them at bay for as long as possible! The early stages of grey hair (less than 30%) can easily be disguised and blended by using a semi-permanent colour, or some low-lights for a more low maintenance, tortoiseshell affect. Do not go for highlights as they will make your colour look greyer..

If opting for an all over semi-permanent colour (usually over 30% grey), choose a colour that’s within 2 shades of your natural colour and make sure that the colour suits your skin tone. Your colourist will be able to advise you on the most suitable colour but as a rule if you have warm skin tones avoid red and pink tones, and cooler skin tones suit rich shades of brunette.

As your grey hair increases, you may need to consider having an all over permanent tint, maybe with some lights to add depth and variation. Products today are very translucent so hair does not look unnatural.  Colouring grey hair is a guaranteed way to make you look and feel younger. Remember if you opt for an all over colour that you should never go back to the colour you were as a child.

Quite often we see clients requesting a much darker colour from their childhood, but it’s important to understand that your skin tone changes as you age, so what you suited as a child is unlikely to suit you now. You should generally choose slightly softer shades as you age, generally a shade or half a shade lighter.

think about YOUR COLOUR

It is also good to reassess your colour every 5 years as your looks and skin changes to ensure you still have the best option for your hair colour and style and don’t get stuck in rut!

If you choose to invest in your colour, always invest in the aftercare! The Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care range is perfect for prolonging your colour and preventing colour fade. They do not contain sulphates which strip the colour or any harsh chemicals and contain a unique ‘Heliovita colour care complex’ to enhance and protect your colour. The Intensive Masque is a perfect ‘pick me up’ for your hair and will add shine and glossiness to your colour to keep it looking fresh in between appointments. Some brands of shampoo do strip colour so it’s always advisable to seek advice from your colourist on aftercare.

You should also be prepared to maintain your colour – roots are an absolute no! Keep your hair looking shiny and well maintained to show your colour at its best.


If you suffer from thinning hair, try taking Vitamin B12 or fish oil supplements. Maintaining a healthy diet is also important.

With thinning/grey hair, we would always suggest a shorter, sharp haircut so that the style does not look too ‘mumsy’. A more technical one length style will also make your hair look thicker and sophisticated. We advise against wearing hair too long and below shoulders as it drags the muscle tone in your face down, which can make you look older and your hair look thin and less healthy.