Hair Colour Trend for 2017: Contourage

Hair Colour Trend for 2017:

Hair Colour Trend for 2017: Contourage

February 6th 2017

Our official colour trend for 2017 has been announced! Introducing Contourage, a bespoke colour technique that uses light and dark tones to sculpt the face.

Senior Colourist Fie explains;

"To create the Contourage technique, we use a combination of highlighting and balayage with lighter placement of colour around the parts of the face that naturally reflect light such as your cheekbones, temples and jawline. Darker tones are placed behind the lighter pieces to accentuate the natural contours of your face. This technique works well on textured hair styles or longer layers but can also be adapted accordingly for all styles and tones. Contourage is entirely bespoke and different for each individual depending on their face shape and hair colour."

To find out more, please contact our reception team;, 020 7495 7774.

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  • Katherine

    I like this idea - especially as I have to diacolor my grey hair every 5 weeks - a lighter brown around the face area would help when the greys start to show their roots!!! Oh, some much for genetically inherited grey hair!! :((

  • Anne Herriot

    Hi Great article in the mail and fantastic results but what is the normal cost for this technique and how long a wait to get an appointment? Thanks Anne

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