Pump Up the Volume This Spring

Pump Up the Volume This Spring

Pump Up the Volume This Spring

With over half of us craving extra volume, our styling team provide the lowdown on how to volumise your hair and recreate at home;

Perfect Prep. 

Use products specifically for fine hair. Our volumising shampoo and conditioner duo contain Creatine and Conditioning Panthenol, to bring body to tired tresses and improve manageability. Concentrate conditioner on the mid-lengths to ends only and spritz with a Volumising Spray before blow drying.

Rough Dry. 

Remove the nozzle from your hairdryer and start by rough drying your hair on a lower heat. The nozzle concentrates the heat and can actually flatten the hair. The lower heat reduces static, flyaways and prevents damage that can make your hair look flat.

Reduce Brush Use. 

When blow drying, start by using your fingers lifting the hair up from the roots as you do so. Concentrate on the hair around the nape of the neck as this creates the foundation for the rest of the hair to sit on. Don’t overuse the hair brush and overwork the hair as this will have the opposite effect and actually end up flattening it out. It’s a general rule that the less time you spend, the fuller it will be.

Root Boost. 

To add volume at the roots, dry your hair in sections using a round brush, lifting as you go. Velcro or heated rollers are another simple way to add volume and movement into fine hair. Simple dry each section, roll, pin and allow to cool. When ready to remove, put your head upside down and shake out your hair using your fingers.

Be Product Aware.

Don’t overuse styling products, too much will make your hair look lank and dull very quickly. Use a small amount of a light spray or lightweight serum such as Illuminoil, and focus on the mid-lengths to ends and not the roots. Definitely avoid strong hold hairsprays if you have fine hair as they will weigh your hair down.

Book in for a volumising blow dry with one of our stylists today!

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