The colour of your hair is a powerful statement, making a bigger impact than any other beauty choice. To create the right impression, your hair colour must complement your physical appearance while also reflecting your unique personality. Our creative and highly skilled colourists can help you achieve colour perfection, by choosing just the right shade to bring out your best features.

Match your hair colour to your skin tone

It’s important to tone your tresses in a colour that will complement and enhance your skin colour. As we get older our skin tone changes, and colours that once suited us in our 20s tend to be too harsh in our 50s.

In some cases, going lighter is an option, but tone is priority and not everyone looks good with pale hair. The best way to understand how your skin and hair colours work together is to see them for yourself, in a real-life situation. It’s a good idea to go to a large store and try on a few wigs, to determine what shade works with your skin colour. You’ll find that the colour of your eyes can also affect the overall impact of your chosen shade.

Pink skin

As a rule, those with pink skin tones should avoid warm tones such as golden blonde, copper and auburn.

Instead, go for cooler tones that will neutralize the skin tone, such as:

  • ash blonde
  • ash brown
  • mocha
  • mink

Sallow skin

Sallow skin has a yellow tone that is best suited to medium to dark shades. If you have sallow skin, it’s best to avoid golds and reds.

Think about:

  • rich chestnut

Pale creamy skin

If you’re blessed with a creamy complexion, you can achieve a truly stunning look with a number of different colour options, such as:

  • platinum blonde
  • strong reds such as titian and copper
  • dramatic dark shades (think Nigella Lawson)

Darker skin

Dark skin looks fantastic with beautiful, rich hair colours. Avoid shades of blonde or anything lighter than light brown.

Colours that will look good on you include:

  • burgundy
  • blue
  • reds
  • browns

Consider your lifestyle: low maintenance looks, or frequent colour updates?

Maintenance is an important practical consideration that may affect your colour choice. People with a busy lifestyle who require a low maintenance look should opt for highlights or lowlights rather than a full head tint, which will last longer between appointments. The regrowth is softer and can be left for 10-12 weeks. Techniques such as balayage can help you achieve a look that complements and enhances your natural colour.

If you do opt for a full head tint or bleach, you’ll need to see a colourist every 4-5 weeks to keep it looking fresh. In addition, fashion colours (such as pinks, blues and yellows) will need refreshing more frequently than natural-looking tones, as the colour fades much faster.

Why is hair texture important?

The texture of your hair can be a consideration when choosing your hair colour. Those with coarse and frizzy hair can achieve a glossy look by blow drying, as closing down the cuticle gives light reflection to the hair.

Thin, fine hair is better with an all-over tone rather than highlights, as a solid look makes it appear thicker.

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