One of the most common questions our colourists get asked is ‘what is the right colour for my skin tone, and how do I know what will suit me’? There are some very simple rules when it comes to hair colour and once you know these, it is easy to discover what colour best suits you.

As we get older our skin tone changes and colours that once suited us in our 20’s are often too harsh in our 50’s. In some cases, going lighter is an option. Remember ‘tone’ is the priority and what suits one person may not suit another. Below are some guidelines to follow according to your skin tone.

  1. PALE SKIN: If you have pale skin try to avoid warm tones such as golden blonde, copper and auburns. Cooler tones neutralize the skin tone so ash blonde, ash brown, mocha and minks will be more suitable for you.

2. SALLOW SKIN TONES: The best suited tones for sallow skin are rich chestnuts and medium to dark shades. Avoid golds and reds as these will clash with your skin tone.

3. CREAMY SKIN TONES: This skin tone suits platinum blonde and strong reds such as titian and copper. You can also opt for more dramatic dark colours which can be very striking.

4. DARK SKIN: We always advise against going blonde or opting for anything lighter than light brown if you have darker skin. However, you can look gorgeous with rich tones such as burgundy and blue, red or brown shades in your hair.

5. LIFESTYLE CONSIDERATIONS: When considering colouring your hair and the options available always be mindful of the maintenance required and how much time (and money) you can commit to spending on your hair. People with a busy lifestyle who require low maintenance should opt for highlights, low lights or balyage which will give you longer space between appointments. The regrowth is softer and can be left for 10-12 weeks as opposed to full head tints or bleaching which requires upkeep every 4-5 weeks.

Fashion colours (pinks, blues, yellows etc.) need refreshing frequently as the colour fades much faster so you always need a boost in between appointments to keep it looking bright. The best advice is to book a colour consultation with one of our team and we’ll make sure you leave the salon looking and feeling fabulous.