The Split End Solution is a keratin hair repairing treatment that works on the ends of the hair only using a unique coating method, which will nourish each strand without suffocating it.  Created by Senior Stylist Dino, this treatment differs to the traditional Keratin Blow-Dry, which coats the whole head to create a semi-permanent straight look. Split end solution will repair hair so it appears healthier and shinier, offering impressive results for dry and severely damaged ends that will last up to three months.  The treatment is perfect for clients who want to keep the length AND condition of their hair but don’t have time for a regular trim and hair which is damaged at the ends from over-styling with heated tools… but you don’t want to take anything off the length of your hair. It can also be used for those who always suffer with split ends no matter how much that mane is cared for and post-holiday locks with dry and damaged ends – a result of the sun and salt water.