Colour Trends

Summer Sunrays

We strategically place slices throughout the underneath of the hair including around the face and under the parting to add a pop of colour throughout the hair. This look is great for adding a bit of interest to the hair without having to commit to high maintenance, but you can make a more dramatic look with it if required. You need one to two hours in the salon.

  • Price from £230
  • Maintenance 2 to 4 months

Autumn Melt

This technique is fabulous for darker hair types to create intense roots that melt into lighter or brighter ends. It can be as subtle or dramatic as you want it to be. This can be achieved with a permanent colour or a vegetable colour and you will need one to two hours in the salon depending on your original hair type.

  • Prices from £127
  • Maintenance 6-8 weeks (permanent colour)
  • Maintenance 2-4 weeks (vegetable colour)



A new technique where lights are strategically placed softly throughout the hair adding a different look to whichever lighting you are in.

The lights are very subtle but picked up in the hair as individual small pieces that will stand out according to different environments.

  • Prices from £185
  • Maintenance 2 to 4 months


Summer Breeze

We create this look weaving very fine highlights around the face adding a few breezed blonde pieces throughout the ends.

This is a perfect look which gives you a summer glow without going on holiday and is very low maintenance. You need one to two hours in salon.

  • Price from £180
  • Maintenance 2 to 4 months

Winter Warmer

This is a colour that gives you the best of both worlds creating a cool brunette and using high shine to set the colour off.

For best results it is best to finish off with a Kerastase Fusio dose treatment to lock in the colour.

  • Price from £127 (tint) + £127 (vegetable colour)
  • Kerastase Fusio Dose – £20
  • Maintenance 6-8 weeks


What is the difference between Ombre & Balayage?

Ombre is a style and balayage is a technique

Balayage is a free hand painting technique replicating wide ribbons of colour though the top sections of hair, as if extreme sun has lightened your hair , it is flexible colour which can either look natural or extreme blending your root into light pieces without leaving lines throughout the hair

Ombre is when the colourist uses the balayage technique to create a more dramatic gradient between the roots to ends.