Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are rapidly growing in demand and now have many wide ranging uses other than just adding length to your hair. Bonds are the traditional method of extensions and last up to 4 months and can create more volume, help grow out a haircut or deal with hair loss through alopecia, cancer or trichotillomania.

Tapes have grown hugely in popularity over the last few years due to their fast application and re-use of hair. They are safe for all hair types as they are so lightweight and they are a versatile alternative to traditional extensions due to their fast application, re-use of hair and safe for all hair types as they are lightweight. They can also be used to add variants of colour through the hair.

Our Gold Fever extensions use premium, ethically sourced hair and are proven to protect your hair during use, permitting it to grow healthily.


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Price List

  • Hair Extension Thickening treatment from £450
  • Hair Extensions for Length Price upon consultation